Traveling Trainer

Do you have a challenging horse?
The answer to your problem does not lie in using a stronger bit, bigger whip or applying more pressure to the stud chain.  What Darin can provide is more information, training and insight regarding your horse’s mental and emotional state.  This will ultimately develop a better – more stable – and safer - relationship with your horse.

Darin Gabbert; a native Coloradan and avid promoter of the horse has been involved with horses most of his life including the use of horses for Equine Assisted Therapy.  He has been involved with Horses Make Miracles since its beginning.   He’s given many clinics for the Volunteers, Instructors and Therapists in Natural Horsemanship techniques and training philosophies

As an on-going fundraising program for Horses Make Miracles’s worthy services and programs, Darin is offering to be your “Traveling Trainer”! 
With your tax deductable donation to their HORSES MAKE MIRACLES FOUNDATION, Darin will come to you and your horse to help you through any challenges you might have with your horse.  Darin specializes in horses that are difficult to read or have vices or undesirable habits that their owners cannot seem to get past.
To schedule an appointment, for “The Traveling Trainer” to come out to your barn, contact Darin directly at 720-985-9012.