Silver Stirrups Program for Seniors

senior woman with horseOur newest program, Silver Stirrups, engages Seniors of all abilities in equine assisted activities, at no cost to the participants. Our wise (and senior!) therapy horses offer connection and learning and fun in a serene outdoor setting. We customize each session to best support our participants. Activities can be learning more about horses, doing some hands-on tasks such as grooming, connecting with a soft voice and touch, or quietly observing. 

The Silver Stirrups program differs from other equine-assisted activities for seniors in that there is no riding involved. This allows for more intimate one-on-one interactions with the horses, the other participants, and the facilitators. This also provides broader access for seniors who are mobility limited, such as those using walkers or wheelchairs. 

senior woman and female leader with horseBenefits and Activities: 

  • Enhanced physical, mental, emotional well-being 
  • Social interaction and connection 
  • Remembering and creating memories 
  • Engaging the power of the human-animal bond 
  • Fun and empowering recreational activities such as grooming, haltering, leading 

We can offer this program free of charge to the participants due to a generous grant from the NextFifty Initiative, a Colorado-based private foundation. They are dedicated to funding innovative programs that enhance the lives of older adults. 


Silver Stirrups class with Grateful signDetails: 

  • No cost to the participants 
  • For participants 50+ years old 
  • No horse experience needed, and no riding is involved 
  • Small group size (max 8), plus any staff or family, for more individualized attention 
  • Groups may come from: Facilities such as Assisted Living or Memory Care, organizations, friends, or individuals (who we assign into a similar group of individuals) 
  • Sessions are 1 hour long 
  • Sessions may be scheduled to best suit the group: once/week, once/month, bi-weekly, or an individual session 
  • Handicap accessible barn 

This program will resume in Spring 2020.  

two women leading a horseTestimonials from our 2019 program: 

“Our time at your farm has been magical. Connecting with the horses and the beautiful setting of the farm has been transformative.” 

--- Engage Life Director, Assisted Living Center 

“I had never been around horses in my life. But I was determined to be able to get close to one to at least touch a horse. Now Dakota comes up to me when we are sitting in our circle at the end of the session. He actually comes up to me, rubs his head against my neck and kisses me. What a marvelous experience. What an achievement.” 

--- Participant

women sitting in a class at Horses Make Miraclessenior woman in wheelchair next to a horse with a female leader and a male sidewalk